Anatomy of Touch was a dynamic and engaging workshop. Cindee brought together two unique elements; feeling through your hands and sensing through your heart. She is a gifted healer and held the container for a very diverse group to grow and learn together.  The workshop was a unique experience and I would love to explore with her again in the near future.
-ambergail mcmillan proprietor post editions

“I attended Cindee’s Anatomy of Touch workshop in January 2016. Cindee is vibrant, accepting, warm and authentic. She immediately puts others at ease. Compassionately touching other humans, particularly strangers, can be an anxiety-provoking experience for many. Cindee made sure that everyone was comfortable and she clearly laid out how to communicate with each other regarding boundaries. She also expressed the importance of touching ourselves and others with love. During the workshop, we partnered with people and embraced them. It was a beautiful reminder that humans require being touched with kindness, compassion and love. Cindee’s bright, powerful energy is infectious and I am so lucky to learn from her. Cindee teaches from a place of love and helps others to be themselves. I am so grateful to know her.”
– Robyn Mate

I have not been taught yoga’s life lessons by anyone as dynamic, compassionate, transparent, loving, grateful, and passionate as Cindee. She is such an incredible force in my life as she has a way of helping me get grounded, get in touch, get breathing, get real and get my toes moving again. I have learned so much from her, I will continue to learn so much from her, and I am so thankful to have her on my side.
– Cynthia M.

I am a retired firefighter with over 20 years experience and I have a number of Injuries. I have tried acupuncture,  gone to the chiropractor,  had physical therapy and Cortisone shots and all of that helped. About four months ago I met Cindee. I have gone to both group classes and private classes with Cindee and I have learned more in four months than I did in two years about the importance of yoga and stretching. She’s a truly gifted and caring person who really wants to help people. I have benefited from her yoga classes both spiritually and physically. I’m lucky to have met her.
– Charlie

Cindee’s classes expunge egomania, anxiety, and other daily worries. As an accessible, amazingly adept teacher, she provides a safe space where each student can feel the strength of the group, while tuning in to their own individuality and needs. She instructs, she listens, she empowers, she delights and most importantly, she helps each student just be—exactly who they are.
– Anne K.

Yoga practice with Cindee is a creative, challenging, spiritual journey. Her skill, wit and wisdom have enabled me to access poses I thought impossible for myself, and to discover recesses of my spirit-body heretofore unknown to me. She has helped me to form my most powerful life tool, a deeper knowledge, understanding and appreciation of my intrinsic everlasting inner self. I now know how vast and boundless I am. I have become sweet and fearless at her touch.
– Chrys W.

Cindee is  patient, knowledgeable, empathetic, responsive and accepting of all.. She has a wonderfully engaging teaching style and always leaves room for fun. Yoga comes to life with Cindee and her feedback is clear, focused, and contextual. Cindee has all of the characteristics of a great teacher. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a student in her classes.
– Dave C.