About Cindee

cropped-IMG_13391.jpgCindee Rifkin is a yoga and meditation teacher who brings her skills, intuition and daily medicine practices to those of us who want to find relief from addictions, trauma and bring joy and meaning back into our lives.

She truly feels that life experience is one of her greatest teachers and her intuition is her continuous ally. Having been a part of the corporate/financial world for eighteen years, she understands the demands that world places on us and the toll those demands can take. Additionally, she has courageously faced the impact of her personal addictions and has been very successful in working with those of us who are now learning to address our own.

She believes that by quieting our mind, strengthening our body and using ceremonies and spiritual remedies, we can heal our emotional and physical pain, gain the power to create a better life and be our wisest self. She carefully integrates yoga, breathing, meditation, spiritual connection, music and ceremony as she works with others to find our source of strength, fulfil our potential and discover the wonder of our spirit.

She is certified in Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Forrest Yoga. Her journey began in 2003.  Cindee moved to India and immersed herself in yoga traditions and philosophy with Shri Sheshadri and B.K.S. Iyengar – both are students of Sri Krishnamacharya. Her current primary practice is Forrest Yoga,  a healing system of yoga created by Ana Forrest.

Every day for her begins with a sitting meditation, selected breathing practices and a conscious acknowledgement of her gratitude for her life in the present.

Although Cindee lives in New York City, she travels throughout the United States, providing instruction and creating yoga ceremonies for groups, couples and individuals.

If you would, please take a moment right now and breathe deeply – breathe the deepest breath you have taken all day. Pause and do it again. You have begun the process.

From the heart.