About Cindee

“We all have a story  – but how do you choose to create your future. My goal is to help you move forward with the strength of body and mind to create the story that dictates your successes.”- Cindee Rifkin

With over 15 years of experience, Cindee offers groundbreaking mind/body tools to masterfully move through life’s many challenges. Cindee has garnered respect for her intuitive ability to choose from her expansive training in various forms of yoga, meditation and breath work to personalize a program specific to your individual needs.

Cindee has worked extensively with people who are over-stressed, feeling unhealthy and unbalanced in their lives. She has worked with clients around the world, in addition to the fast-paced and high-stress environment of New York City. Her clientele includes professionals across many fields including finance, advertising, publishing, law, healthcare, entertainment, and education.

Cindee’s professional journey began in 2008 with Hatha Yoga training in South Brazil where she immersed herself in the culture and the community staying on for six months. What makes her unique is her curiosity and interest in different cultures and the different ways in which people express themselves in their daily lives – all of which she brings forth in her teaching. After becoming a Certificated Hatha Yoga Instructor, in 2009 she went on to become a Certified Ashtanga Vinyasa Instructor through Clayton Horton, the Director of Greenpath Yoga in San Francisco. The intense discipline of this practice added another dimension to her growing skill-set.

Ever the seeker, in 2010 Cindee moved to India for 4 months to immerse herself in yoga traditions and philosophy with Shri Sheshadri and B.K.S. Iyengar – both were students of Sri Krishnamacharya the father of modern yoga. This is also when Cindee decided to expand her practice and became certified in Breathwork and Meditation through B.N.S. Iyanger, the oldest living teacher of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

In 2011, Cindee expanded her practice further and under the tutelage of Ana Forrest, an internationally recognized pioneer in yoga and emotional healing, became a certified Forrest Yoga teacher. Again Cindee expanded her breadth of knowledge to help her clients heal from emotional and physical trauma.

Cindee takes all of what she has learned and all of who she is to create a transformative experience for her clients that they can take off the mat and into their daily lives.


I have not been taught yoga’s life lessons by anyone as dynamic, compassionate, transparent, loving, grateful, and passionate as Cindee. She is such an incredible force in my life as she has a way of helping me get grounded, get in touch, get breathing, get real and get my toes moving again. I have learned so much from her, I will continue to learn so much from her, and I am so thankful to have her on my side.
– Cynthia M.