Daily Intent: July 26, 2016

Feeling Our Feelings.

I felt some disappointment this morning so I chose a few poses I knew would ground me in feeling what I am feeling. I no longer numb out, vacate or blow it off, I feel it and let it move through. If it gets stuck somewhere I let that happen to, it is part of the opportunity that is given to me to experience.

Because I feel my feelings I can have some disappointment moving through me while I continue to be me. I DO NOT have to go into drama or put my life on hold because I’m feeling something, I get to express it in many ways now, this I am so grateful for. In case you didn’t know suffering is truly optional when we have people/things to choose that supports us. We get to thrive through the things we normally put into a “negative” box and change how we relate to it. All feelings are beautiful, they are not separate, everything that comes my way shows me more of the me I want to be.

I chose Skull Shining Breath > Abs to get into my belly as I hold stuff in there > Sun Salutations to move and warm up, twists to unwind the feelings I feel > Side Crow, the combo of twisting and arm balancing lets me feel my strength and grounds me.

There are many beautiful ways to move through what we are feeling and there are many ways of getting stuck in it, we can indulge or take action. Feeling our feelings can be uncomfortable but the only way out is through.

Cindee Rifkin Lifestyle  Daily Intent  Feeling Our Feelings

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Feeling Our Feelings