I really love the analogy that we are always practicing something. Where we put our attention is where energy is going to flow.

Lately I notice how I can still indulge in the comfort zone, the place of fear, habits, conditioning, and survival. This place does not allow me to evolve.  I have made a pledge to practice and learn to live in the evolution zone. This space empowers my creativity, intelligence and brings about joy.

Here are simple effective practices to get out of your comfort zone so you can nurture your evolution zone.

  • Breathing With Awareness

Three conscious breaths by inhaling fresh energy and exhaling old energy. We can make the choice to change the way we feel by using our breath. Breath is our life, USE IT more efficiently. Take three deep breaths RIGHT NOW and see for yourself.

  • Creating Safe Space Within Yourself

When we speak kindly to ourselves there is an instantaneous shift in perception but when we DO NOT there is a perpetration made my you. It gives us permission to stay connected to the habits, the thoughts that keep us feeling uninspired and disconnected. Speak to yourself with BOLD kindness. I Am enough. I Am Beautiful. I Am Amazing.

  • Have People In Your Life Who Support Your Evolution

Asking for help is an advanced practice. Having  people in your life that are there NO MATTER WHAT is essential to evolve. Over the years, there have been many people that didn’t root for my change and wanted to keep me small. I still love them but no longer keep them near. They are energy and evolution suckers. I keep the Change Makers close because they are also growing and evolving and so get the struggle it takes sometimes to keep going and not give up. The simple words of “You Got This” helps to encourage me to keep on my path or sometimes just put the next foot forward.


Giving up in not an option, rising up and using the practices that will help you to evolve are.

WE are not perfect, we all have moments of doubt or dispirited experiences but one thing I am sure of is if we turn on our light inside and breathe deeply,  be and say kind things to ourselves everyday and  have people in our life that support us, we will THRIVE.

Whether you are on the beginning of this journey and indulging in habits for a long time or you have made some progress and only indulge a little, give yourself a Woot Hoot that you are wanting to make a shift. All is possible.

Please share practices that have helped you evolve.