Practice Yoga with Cindee Rifkin


One to One- Private Yoga Sessions are a brilliant way to decompress from the fast paced world we live in. Each session is customized to serve your needs. My hands on assists are great medicine to help you move through the poses intelligently as you learn to connect back into your body. You have my word that whatever you need to work through,  be it emotional or physical, I will guide you with the utmost loving kindness.

Yoga Ceremonies are a combination of a yoga practice and creating a sacred space for our students. The ceremony includes calling in the seven directions, drumming and prayer and the yoga is a themed practice created to take your students deeper.

Invite me to your studio to bring these ceremonies to our people so we can heal together.

Corporate Yoga Combine physical fitness and meditation and you get the practice of yoga. Don’t you want your company’s most valuable asset, your people, to be more focused and working at a higher  level of energy?  A consistent yoga practice can transmute your employees.