Dedicated to all the people we have lost to addiction and SO many others we haven’t had the privilege to know.
Today is not just 14 years sober but it is an extra 14 years I didn’t think I would get.

Today I am hopeful.
Today I am living.
Today I love my own company.
Today I am honest.
Today I have self-awareness.
Today I put energy into extenuating my strengths.
Today I create the life I want to live.
Today I am responsible for how I want to feel.
Today the light prevails because I make the choice to burn bright.

Everyday I convey the message of hope.
Everyday I let people know they are not alone.
Everyday I meet people where they are.
Everyday I give from my heart.
Everyday I share my truths.
EVERYDAY is a gift.

So grateful.
So appreciative.
Thank You.
I Love You.