Beauty Report:

I no longer have to suffer, suffering is truly optional, not just because the Buddha says it’s so but because I put that option into action. 

I practice sacred ceremony for YOU, it is a place of Prayer, letting go, speaking my truth, and honoring EVERY relationship I HAVE with EVERY BEING and THING.  The last Sweat Lodge I was in, I recognized the conversing I started to have with myself, a struggle began so I asked for the door and I left right before you the second round ended; Honored MY truth. It is in this sacred ceremony that I learn more of what feeds me and what doesn’t. It was so cool to feel like I had enough and so it was. No long conversation with myself, no mutilating thoughts of how I have to stay or shoulda or woulda do something that doesn’t feel right in my gut. I gave myself permission to say I am good for now. 
It is a blessing to always know that I have permission to make a choice that feels right for myself no matter where I am or the circumstance I am in. 
Thank you Great Spirit.
Thank you Grandfather. 
Thank you Stone People.
Thank you Teachers.
Thank you Ancestors.
Thank you Four Leggeds.
Thank you Crawlies.
Thank you Winged Ones.
Thank you Beloveds.
Thank you Sun.
Thank you Sky. 
Thank you Water.
Thank you Fire.
Thank you Earth Mother.
Thank you Star People. 
Thank you Creator.
Thank you Chino.
Thank you Rudy.
Thank you Brothers and Sisters.  
“I Have Learned.” 
Action Step: 
When you FEEL like something isn’t right that is because it isn’t. Learn to trust your gut EVERY day. 
If this seems challenging, start with connecting to your gut, become aware of what your body feels when in different situations. 
Listen to what is in your heart instead of the voices in your head. 
Have fun exploring your truth