Anatomy Of Touch

Anatomy of Touch Workshop

The Anatomy of Touch workshop has all the essential elements that I am passionate about and I am excited about the opportunity to share them with you. Throughout this unique workshop, we create a ceremonial space to support our becoming more skillful in the way we touch, the way we move and the way we connect to our intuition and to others.


Ceremony, Forrest Yoga, the Power of Touch and Inspiration come together in a delicate balance to help us explore and become more effective in “touching with intention”.


I have spent the last ten years working closely with individuals and couples to help them develop a more meaningful physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual connection. By quieting our mind, strengthening our body and using ceremonies and spiritual remedies, we can heal our emotional and physical pain, gain the power to create a better life and be our wisest self.


During the workshop, through the careful integration of yoga, breathing, prayer, touch and ceremony we find our sources of strength to fulfill our potential and discover the wonder of our spirit.


Extensive training in Yoga which includes Forrest and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and my own experiences with addiction recovery have created a meaningful paradigm that informs my thinking and practice. Yoga, ceremony & touch are sacred practices for me.  Bringing them together in the Anatomy of Touch Workshop creates a profound experience for all. When we come together we create a joyful energy, a support, an encouragement that moves us, enchants us and brings us the most beautiful delight.


Anatomy of Touch includes instruction and practice in the following:

Calling in the Seven Directions                            Talking, Drum & Music Circle

Bodywork on Self and Each Other                     Forrest Yoga

Breathing Techniques                                           Meditation


I would love to offer Anatomy of Touch at your studio.

Please reach out and contact me @ or 917.402.6606.  Let’s work together to serve your community.


Love & Medicine,