Yoga is our natural state, let me guide you back home.

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Cindee Rifkin believes in not managing our mental and physical pains, but healing them by enlarging our spiritual life through a yoga and meditation practice.

Her teachings include:

- Y12SR- Yoga of 12-Step Recovery- One-hour 12-Step Meeting/One-hour yoga class ~ Embody the steps through a yoga practice
- Yoga for all addictions & depression at Breathe Life Healing Center, giving students tools for sobriety, healthy living and relapse maintenance
- Corporate yoga, allowing employees to be more focused, reduce stress and increase productivity
-Private Yoga sessions for traders, translating their trading instincts to life skills
- Yoga for OneTaste mastery program
- Naked yoga for self-acceptance and healing body image

Cindee’s experience on the trading floor, where chaos was the norm, helped her create a world where self-love, passion, and peace of mind are a way of life. She has helped the most stressed out people in the world learn how to relax and lead a healthy and vibrant lifestyle.

Feel better, think better and be better with yoga and meditation.

IMG_1339 Contact Cindee at (917) 402-6606  or email her at for rates, availability and questions about Cindee Rifkin Yoga.